4K 6K aerial filming

aerial filming 4k 6k HD

understanding 4k 6K aerial filming

The 4K format was named because it has 4000 pixels horizontal resolution approximately. Meanwhile, standard 1080p and 720p resolutions were named because of their vertical resolution. The new standard renders more than four times higher image definition than 1080p resolutions, such as, With the modern standard being 4K excluding 6K 5k 8k, etc the format has greatly improved the possibility of drone 4k aerial filming footage use, see below.

4k image projection aerial filming aspect HD
4k drone filming projection aerial filming aspect HD aerial footage.

As you can see this format can’t have the change in horizontal resolution, so changes in aspects are made through the vertical resolution. For example, 4096×2304 is a frame size with aspects 16:9 and 4096×3072. View our video gallery for some aerial filming demos

DJI a good manufacturer has taken advantage of this and incorporated this technology into its drones, which we use for mainstream aerial filming & photography production work. Drones we use to undertake commercial filming and photography can be seen by clicking drones & equipment.

The DJI Inspire 2 Zenmuse X7 From 4K to 6K, a compact Super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for high-end productions that deliver 6K CinemaDNG and 5.2K Apple ProRes stunning resolution image quality. Its compatibility with the Inspire 2 offers the best in next-level professional aerial filming.

6K filming drone
6K filming drone

how good is the 4k 6k aerial filming footage

So what can you expect from 4k resolution with today’s technology, unlike the past, camera stabilization has moved on and can now be a trusted reliable source in many aspects of the media film industry for production company’s looking to add an aerial filming perspective to their output without compromising quality? A good example of this can be seen from our octocopter filming platform, which incorporates a brushless motor-driven gimbal system to deliver accurate steady footage similar to the workings of a DJI 4k drone not too different for camera stabilization in that aspect. The advantage of this aerial filming platform over DJI is it has the capability to adapt to accommodate many different cameras, unlike off-the-shelf DJI products we see for aerial filming however good they may be. View our video gallery for some aerial filming videos

what is the best drone platform for me

If you are looking for 4k 6k aerial filming opening sequences to films, closing credits, mountain ranges, over the sea and scenic landscapes, wildlife, etc. DJI drones like the phantom 4 pros can make a very good job of this “media output requirements dependant”. explore more information on the drone. The Phantom 4 Pro has a fixed focal length which is its drawback. however, if you set out to frame the shot you need from the beginning, the footage works out well. For an in-depth tech spec on the 4k drone take a look at DJI innovations phantom 4 pro and example of framed sequences’ can be seen from a short video below


4k aerial filming heavy-lift DSLR octocopters

Moving into the true field of cinematic professional output then you will be considering the use of a heavy lift aerial filming platform like an octocopter to capture your aerial footage with the camera of your choice, the obvious choice and probably your only choice if you cannot deploy a camera jib or crane on set when you have a detailed output requirement for your finished product. Some drawbacks like heavy rain, extremely windy conditions will likely take an effect if the production day of filming weather is bad and may cause a grounding due to the weather.

View our video gallery for some aerial filming demos

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