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The UK will leave the EU on 31 October 2019 good news for Brexit uk farming reforms

Michael Gove, a leading Brexiteer and now secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, has described Brexit uk farming reforms as “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reform how we care for our land, our rivers and our seas. Large parts of UK agriculture are locked into the EU’s common agricultural policy, which is accused of driving the sector toward larger, more industrial and more environmentally damaging practices, including by failing to support farm diversity and directing payments to Britain’s wealthiest landowners

With the government set on taking the UK out the European union come 13th October do or die they will most certainly be looking to support local farmers and with that support is likely to come funding to help farmers expand and innovate efficient ways to produce more food to off set some of the imports we as a country have to undertake to sustain our food requirements.

A 2005 investigation found that the £3bn ($3.9bn) in subsidies that the UK receives from the CAP went largely to major agribusiness and food-manufacturing companies, such as Nestlé, Cadbury, and Kraft.

Boris Johnson Brexit no deal backstop General Election parliament prorogued 5 weeks uk farming new trade deals
Boris Johnson Brexit no deal backstop General Election parliament prorogued 5 weeks uk farming prospects and trade deals

Borris johnson on post brexit farming policies

On farming and rural issues, he has pledged an extra £25m-a-year in subsidies for farmers post-Brexit, in particular those in Scotland.Johnson, who campaigned to leave the European Union in 2016, has also signalled that he is prepared to ban the live exports of animals. Johnson added that rural communities will be “central to kick starting the British economy” after the UK leaves the EU on 31 October.

What does the CAP do?

The government has pledged to continue to commit the same cash total in funds for farm support that’s good news as far as Brexit uk farming reforms goes until the end of this parliament, expected in 2022. This includes all funding provided for farm support under both Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 of the current CAP. This commitment applies to the whole UK.

F.T.A What is this ?

The UK will have no trouble in making new Business arrangements or for want of a better word FTA free trade agreements. For an in-depth must read look at this editorial from the BBC “what do trade agreements do”. With the United states keen to look at what the UK and itself can achieve, this a breath of fresh air for the UK. Donald trump and Boris Johnsons relationship has the perfect chemistry to take our nations forward upon leaving the European union and opens up the doorway for our country to develop new trade deals post Brexit.

For most of its existence, the CAP provided income support to farmers by supporting the prices they were paid for produce. But this system was widely criticised for encouraging overproduction, leading to notorious wine lakes and butter mountains – produce that was then often dumped in third markets with adverse impacts on local agriculture

Once freed from the flawed CAP, Brexit’s proponents argue, the UK will be able to build a more competitive agricultural sector that better serves farmers and agricultural workers, including by reducing dependence on distorting subsidies.

Brexit uk farming reform no deal EU referendum news and video borris johnson British Agricultural Policy after brexit
Brexit uk farming reform no deal EU referendum news and video borris johnson PM live news on brexit British Agricultural Policy British Agricultural Policy after brexit

With the EU withdrawal Bill now working its way through Parliament the wheels are in motion to enact Brexit. The first Agriculture Bill for a generation is also on its way and must be seized as a golden opportunity to build a system that works for British farmers.

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