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Garden Office | garden office studio | garden office building and design UK

Garden office

With another lockdown and global changes to our economies and climate change on every government agender it may be time to build an office studio for your drone Company in the garden!. Governments are looking at ways to tackle such events that are impacting the way in which we live our lives today. AKA the Garden Office for your drone Company, Being from a construction background I operate from the home when I can to avoid any unnecessary travel. In order to do this, I sat down and draw up plans similar to Architects building plans for a garden office studio for my small drone Company Business, but in a simplistic way to give myself an overview of the structure I intended to complete.

The Studio garden office

I required around 6M x 4M of working space with additional decking space of 5Mx4.5 to incorporate a flat sloping roof to comply with local planning regulations. So this was my template located 110 Ft away from the property, Luckily I have the experience to undertake all the work from the groundwork to the electrics, and aesthetics, but don’t panic it’s not rocket science you can do this as well. With the original garden office rendered unusable for my drone Business due to severe water damage from the storms we had in 2019-2020, I set about pulling the old garden office down to rebuild a solid garden office structure in which I can conduct my drone Business practices away from modern family home life and operate as much as I can from home but still far enough away from it. Quite frankly given the climate we are all living in, I should have built it on stilts as in 15 years’ time I think we are all going to be submerged underwater unless the Government takes immediate action. What drone Company could do more for the environment! “he says”.

Garden office
Garden office

Home garden office studio costs for your drone Company

Don’t let your drone Business get bogged down in the mud with unnecessary costs. With an estimated material costing of around £6500 and a net value of £20,000-£25.000 on completion. Your drone workshop albeit office space doesn’t have to cost the earth to erect a simple structure for your purpose. Even an architect would be jumping all over this if he/she could get the finish for the material costing. Unfortunately, these things like the studio office or garden office don’t erect themselves and labor does not come cheap, It will take time and patience if you’re not experienced in building structures but it can be done, so stick with it no matter what obstacles present themselves.

Every drone Business should benefit from well-decked-out working space. If it’s more space you need than a commercial unit may be what you are looking for on behalf of your Companies requirements. Take note you will need a respectful turnover and regular clients on a contract, or at the very minimum a very well-established client base that is loyal to your drone Company!, not all of us have that luxury, but at the same time don’t get caught up in the bottom of the barrel “doing jobs on the cheap” this will soon put your drone Company at the bottom of the barrel in no time. Being cheap and working all the hours under the sun is not a way forward in this sector nor is it in any sector of Industry.

Everything has a value to price and we evaluate that value by product and service, which in turn, equates to the end cost. When costing projects you should take into account your time and product you are supplying, this would be a professional photographers rate, and remember you are remotely using a camera with a drone not snapping simple wedding photos on your DSLR from the ground.

Home studio Office building
Home studio Office building

The image above represents the completed garden office that suited my drone Companie’s requirements for space, As an example, you can see many home garden office build videos on youtube. The example in the video is not me or nor do I have any relation financially or materialistically to the video. Additionally, a garden office building or home studio office can be purchased prebuilt, these buildings are typically a log lap for the exterior with the internal finish of that material visible internally and can be erected by an average person with some hands-on experience. Whatever your home garden office or garden drone Company office studio requirements are, any room or garage will suffice and it doesn’t have to be expensive, 6 years ago I was working out of a cold garage connected to my house in Berkshire with nothing more than a heater and 2 tables to work off, and many people are working with far less even by today’s standards.

Being self-employed comes with many challenges, so at least keep your family and social life separate, so go kit out your garage and make space for your drone Business activities large or small. Go buy some dry lining plasterboard wikes has some good deals on plasterboards and insulation. Typically a garage would cost you around 300 on board 200 for stud work and a few sockets that an electrician will wire in for you say 150, screws and fixings, and paint to finish 200. At the very worst it will at least keep you occupied !.

White Office furniture for your home office ikea
Ikea home office furniture at sensible prices visit Ikea today for the latest deals on all office furniture

You can expect to pay on average £200 a day for labor and a build as seen above in the images on average 14-20 days with 2 guys not to be exact but as an estimate. so you can see the profit margin yes!. I spent over 12 months in between other work until my spouse nagged me to death to get it finished and get my work out of the house.

Creative and Arts Industry

it’s not all about the money and that’s why the creative and arts industry excels and attracts many diverse characters, above all this, it rewards you in many ways that money just can’t buy. You have to ask yourself do I want to be working all the hours under the sun or do I want to slow down and enjoy what it is I really want to do for the rest of my life, The creative arts sector I hear you say. But I must earn money!, yes you do then do another job on the side at least that’s what I do when the filming work and photography work slows down, or increase your budget on advertising, again be careful don’t get caught up on the cheap!.

Drone inspections
Drone inspections for land and property

In addition to aerial Filming and photography, Drones are widely used for surveying and land building property inspections. It is as important for your drone Company to have a suitable place where to view any work for reference prior to shoots and after the shoots. Using large projector screens can be a good way of presenting your workflow providing you have a projector that is at least 1080P native and a high luminance and brightness.

Laser projectors are at the top end of the market followed by DLP technology owned by Texas Instruments and arguably LCD follows last. The projected images generally are used for planning shoots due to the large 120 ” screen after a recognizance with image data to view, it also makes use for a team-building exercise to discuss possible hazards and ideas as to get the job done in the easiest and safest way possible. So now it’s up to you if you want to take your business to the next level, all input and comments are greatly appreciated along with links to your home garden office images.


  • Avatar
    Andy davis
    Posted February 27, 2021 8:45 pm 0Likes

    Some interesting reading , I have a small drone business and agree its well worth the investment to have that division between home and work. Nice work by the way.


    • Avatar
      Posted March 1, 2021 4:06 pm 0Likes

      Yep, your not wrong Andy, thanks for the feedback

  • Avatar
    Phil M
    Posted June 17, 2021 10:28 am 0Likes

    Nice work, your garden room looks very professional! Security is an important consideration in garden rooms. Feel free to check out my recent post on garden room security tips https://www.gardenroom.guide/tips-to-keep-a-garden-room-secure/

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