Professor green remedy

Professor green remedy

Welcome to Helicammedia an aerial filming services, your professional source for small lightweightt 4-6K drones for Cental London Small lightweight drones for central London

Vevo go show Professor green remedy a true rap artist London professional, Carnaby street London Helicammedia filmed the open sequence shot to the 1st ever Vevo go show in the UK performed by professor green in carnaby street central London. Other equipment including extending aerial booms was used above the public house.

Drones have become a lot more compact today and easy to adapt to demanding environments, Helicammedia adopts a drone safe policy providing a wide selection of drone technology to better enable drone safety in London central. With CAA Requirements met, to meet all safety aspects which, in turn, will give you the time to focus on your productions filming.

Drones used for TV and films is common place nowadays like professor green remedy

Whatever your filming production small or large we can provide an aerial filming drone platform to suit your budget and output media. click to see our aerial photography filming drones.

professor green remedy filming vevo go shows
professor green remedy central London filming for vevo go shows

Small UAV drones like the DJI Phantom 4 pro can easily be deployed in congested areas and around an open-air assembly coupled with a strict safety regulation plan that helicammedia has adopted over years and operated as an aerial media filming business for many artists including Professor green.

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