drone photography services DSLR

DSLR full frame aerial drone photography for professionals

The drone photography gimbal is driven by brushless motors for camera stabilization. The gimbal can be controlled by a second remote allowing control of the Pan & Tilt via a remote control unit supplied by us as standard, remote aerial photography includes, Pan 360, Tilt this is optional, many DP’s enjoy the flexibility to be able to take control of their subjects. Use Live View to compose the image, remotely change camera settings, and capture images on the fly. We can additionally fly the Octocopter with the camera without the second operator should you wish not to take control of the camera gimbal, We can additionally supply a camera operator if you don’t want to take control of the camera gimbal.

Aerial drone photography live HD Monitoring at a glance

Helicammedia utilizes Camranger 2 for tethering Wirelessly to capture aerial photography images with the CamRanger 2 Fast WiFi up to 500 ft

camranger2 Fast WiFi up to 500 ft


Use Live View to compose the aerial photography image, remotely change camera settings, and capture images
An excellent alternative to Jibs/Cranes
Dual-band 2.4 GHz / 802.11n and 5 GHz / 802.11ac networks
Connection range up to 500 feet immediate feedback for more efficient shoots
Selectively share images to multiple devices so directors or clients can observe from a distance
Control the camera while it is in awkward positions
Can also do automatic focus stacking for enhanced depth of field

London Aerial drone photography


Wireless monitoring – Steam your video feed to an iPad or Android device
Start and stop recording and eliminate camera shake by wirelessly changing settings on your Digital SLR Nikon or Canon camera
Change your focus during recording thru touch focusing or precision adjustments.
Monitoring only does not support playback or video file transfer
Focus peaking overlay
Display audio levels

Professional Drone photography services DSLR full-frame

Brushless gimbals have to be balanced prior to any camera being flown with the filming drone. This procedure will take from 15 minutes to 30 to program into our controller unit, times are dependent on the housing, weight, lenses, etc of the camera. Cinematic production cameras like the red and arri will adapt to the drone camera mount. When we have set up your camera we will store your settings in our IMU as so any future work with your setup will be limited to a shorter time. All setups are included in the rental costs. We supply as standard an HD Live feed to a ground station from the majority of DSLR and cinematic cameras. these Include Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, and Sony cameras feel free to talk with us regarding your requirements.

canon 5d octocopter dslr cinematic camera filming crane brushless motor gimbal aerial filming drone
canon 5d octocopter DSLR cinematic camera filming crane brushless motor gimbal aerial filming drone

Am I insured for the use of my equipment for drone photography?

Should you choose to use your own camera and any other media equipment coupled to our aerial filming drone. We can provide insurance for your camera equipment in the unlikely event damage occurs to the full value, or total loss “write off” value assessment provided by the insurance company. You will need to tell us of the camera’s make and model then instruct us to make sure the camera and any other equipment that you intend to use on our aerial drone filming platform prior to any work being undertaken.

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