aerial photography commercial surveys mapping high resolution photography

Aerial drone photography

Aerial Drone photography, aerial image data from helicopters, or airborne imagery can provide many commercial solutions for a production company’s aerial photography needs. From vertical photography for survey land mapping purposes, 3D modeling mapping to name but a few, many aspects of today’s industry requirements for aerial photography drone use.

Aerial photography company

aerial photography aerial inspections mapping filming survey landscape photography
aerial photography aerial inspections mapping filming survey landscape photography

High-resolution cameras are available for any aerial photography requirement, from mapping projects, commercial aerial imagery for advertising, visualization for architects 360 panoramic aerial photography.

The Canon 5d-Nikon D800 series is a professional choice for aerial photography filming, With an excellent low light capability coupled with a high-resolution sensor for night photography or low light. View our aerial photography gallery, many options to use the majority of professional cameras with our octocopter aerial photography platform heavy-lift application.

Aerial Photographer London


London central aerial photography drone filming company land building surveys
London aerial photography drone filming company land building surveys

Commercial building surveys land inspections, a clear example of this can be seen from an aerial photograph taken at low light for Foster + Partners incorporation with the development at principal place London Broadgate tower. Helicammedia provided over 1000 aerial images to model the new buildings aerial photography views for visualization, now completed adjacent to Broadgate tower. with our octocopter aerial photography platform, CAA licensed to cover central London at night for artistic low light dusk aerial photography. We can provide the service required for mainstream projects in towns cities.

London aerial photography

If you are looking for a CAA licensed aerial photographer we can cover the majority of central London for many aerial photography projects. We have provided aerial photography data for some of the largest development Company’s, architects, Construction Companies in London central and the UK. A few of our clients we have provided aerial image data for including Berkely Homes Canary Wharf, W1 Developments, Foster + Partners to name but a few, view more.

Aerial photograph O2 London aerial filming photography company
London aerial photography company commercial aerial filming photography canary wharf 02 London


aerial photography DJI drones a safe approach

drone safe aerial photography filming company
drone safe aerial photography filming company

In the field of professional aerial photography then you will be considering the use of a heavy-lift aerial photography platform like an octocopter to capture your aerial photography footage with the camera of your choice. The alternatives are a wide selection of DJI drones that we deploy for much of our mainstream aerial photography Company’s requirements.

The advantage of DJI drones over a commercial heavy-lift application is that the DJI drones are of a compact size yet light, portable, and adopt the light bridge technology making it an efficient capable aerial photography tool to get a large job done in a very short time. In some cases, the Phantom 4 Pro is best suited for drone work in London to cover aerial photography projects for development company’s alike. Other aerial photography projects will or may require DSLR cameras due to the production needs and output requirements. We provide a drone safe approach at all times


View our Photography gallery for some aerial photography examples





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